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Pat's LESNEY ONLINE The ultimate Lesney box site has now joined us.
And of course our Matchbox 1-75 Regular Wheels & Superfast Guide
And much much more, See below for details.

Welcome to our world of vintage diecast toys which is dedicated to British made diecast toy vehicles made before 1983, Now that the summer is over we will be continuing with our Superfast pages which can be found under the 1-75 index and also our Husky guide, This new Superfast and Husky sections are being written with the kind assistance of Mick Bruce. Our main interests are the pre Superfast era 1-75 series miniatures or 'regular wheels' models for which we have an updated Stannard guide listing and a 1-75 model and gift set price guide. We also have sections on other ranges by Matchbox including the early Lesney toys, the Accessory and Major pack series, the MG1 Service Stations and the King-Size section (regular wheeled models). There is also a little bit of Lesney history on our Lesney factories page and our Matchbox advertising pages.

We have photo guides for other small scale toys made in the north London area before 1970 and price guides for CORGI toys and DINKY toys, We have also updated our DCMT Lone Star Locos, Charbens Old Crocks, Morestone Esso series and Benbros TV series / Mighty Midgets pages which have new photographs, descriptions and values,
There is much more planned for the future so check back regularly to see what is new. We currently have about 2600 pages and over 20,000 photographs on this site, We aim to make this the number one place for all vintage British diecast toy information so come back visit us again.

If you have any unusual 1-75's or interesting 'error' pieces that you think should be listed here please contact us

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