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Lesney Matchbox error pieces 3

This 2a Muir Hill Site Dumper must be one of the oldest error pieces seen so far, It has the correct types of metal wheel fitted but it has a a third small rear wheel on the front axle instead of the larger metal wheel that it was designed for
It is not easy to find errors on the very early pieces like this, This may be because the outworkers never had a boss looking over their shoulder so they were not rushed, or maybe in those dreary post war years any errors simply got returned to the shop for a refund.

Photo courtesy of Alex Bawn.


Another 23c Bluebird Dauphine with what looks like 24 tread wheels, One grey and one silver, Like I said, Quality control can only see one side as it goes past on the conveyor belt.

Photo courtesy of Jason (Nearlymint) from the forum.

This is a very early model of the 8e Ford Mustang with the early 'hub cap' type wheels but this one missed the fitting of some of them as shown in the picture.
Finding error pieces on models with this type of wheel is not easy but they do exist.

Photo courtesy Louis (Carb) from the forum.

And just to prove a point here's a picture of the inside of the wheels which shows another hub cap gone astray.

Photo courtesy Louis (Carb) from the forum.

This 73c Mercury Commuter has three chrome metal hubs with black plastic tyres and a single black plastic wheel which is very odd because the early Mercurys were fitted with the chrome hub cap type wheels, So the black plastic wheel is actually two generations older than the wheels with the chrome metal hubs

From my own collection.

A final wheel error before we move on to something a bit more interesting, This 20a E.R.F. Stake Truck has 4 identical wheels of the correct size, one fitted to each corner but it has an additional wheel jammed in between the cab and the headboard of the load bed, As the extra wheel got jammed in while in the 'fettling' or 'tumbling' stage where the unpainted components are rolled together to remove sprue or flash so when the body got painted the extra wheel also got painted. Other examples of the 20a with this fault are known to exist.

From my own collection.

Casting faults are much harder to find than wheel errors. This 17a Bedford Removals Van has a blob of mazac (USA,zamac) that has dripped on to the unpainted windscreen frame and attached itself, It has then gone through the painting process so the blob has been painted green, A rather unusual error indeed.

Photo courtesy Jeff (lrrp59) from the forum.

Another casting error, This one is due to the metal not quite filling the mould, Maybe there was an air bubble, or maybe it simply got broken while being fettled, We know this casting was not fully formed rather than it simply being broken during play later in its life simply because the ends of the missing windscreen frame are painted, it was broken before it was painted.

Photo courtesy of Mike & Nico (Mike) from the forum.

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