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Lesney Matchbox error pieces 2

With the advent of the new superfast models getting the tough looking hot rod stance by having different size wheels fitted to the front and rear I suppose we had to expect even more mix ups such as this one here, This 53d Tanzara has the larger wheels fitted up front and the smaller ones fitted at the back,
The 8e Wild Cat Mustang dragster with the wheels fitted back to front is well known in die cast collecting circles. Literally hundereds of Mustangs are known to exist with this particular wheel error.

Photo courtesy of Jason (Nearlymint) from the forum.


I told you that wide overhanging Horsebox body on the 35a E.R.F Marshall hid any wheel errors from quality control, But how this one came to be fitted with a wheel that was originally intended for the 7a Horsedrawn Milkfloat is anyones guess, Maybe it was the result of a friday (pay day!) pub lunch.

Photo courtesy of AMSCZ from the forum.

Yet another 27c Cadillac Sixty Special wheel error, Only this time it has mixture of black and silver wheels which is much more noticeable and not an error that is seen too often, Perhaps the side skirts hid this one from quality control.

This photo was borrowed from ebay.

Ok, Ok, So quality control must have been sleeping when this one went down the production line, Either that or down the pub because here we have yet another 27c Cadillac with, I believe, rear wheels from the front of the 2b Muir Hill Site Dumper, Not the worst error piece I have seen but it's not far short.

Photo courtesy of Paul Cheeseman.

This 14c Lomas Ambulance with large grey knobbly wheels is among the rarest of all 14c's, Probably its a very close second to the almost legendary knobbly black wheels with roof decal variation, Yet its value is probably more than halved thanks to a tiny rogue knobbly silver plastic wheel.
Damn you, you knobbly silver plastic wheel.

From my own collection. of course.

Although we have seen many wheel errors the different wheels are usually mounted on different axles so this 23c Bluebird Dauphin Caravan bucks the trend by having two different tread pattern grey wheels on the same (only) axle. I guess quality control cant see both sides at once.

Photo courtesy Mick Bruce (sms88) from the forum.

This 52b BRM Racing Car has an error that might not always be noticed right away, It is the odd small front wheel which looks like it might be from the 51b John Deere Farm Tipping Trailer so quality control can be excused for missing this one I guess, And looking at the BRM, I think it looks much better with the smaller wheels.

Photo courtesy Richard K (Rvrevo) from the forum.

Yet another very rare model, A 21c Commer Milk Float with fine tread grey plastic wheels, well three of them are grey anyway, Again, its value more than halved by another rogue silver plastic wheel.
I think these damn silver plastic wheels have got something against me.

Another one from my collection.

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