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Lesney Matchbox error pieces 5

On to missing parts now. This 24c Rolls Royce is missing the ivory plastic interior, On many models the suspension springs are moulded in as part of the interior, also they help hold the window unit in place, This is a fairly common error that can be found on any models that have an interior.

Photo courtesy of Jazz (Dr Jazz) from the forum.


I bought this 45b Ford Corsair in error and it turned out to be an error piece. I could see no sign of the red interior in the auction photo so I took a gamble that it was a rare white interiored pre pro, It turned out to be a no interior nothing, Still it makes a nice addition to the error collection.

Another one from my collection.

This metallic red 65b Jaguar is in very close to mint condition, It has had very slight flaring of the window securing rivet inside the roof so my guess is whoever assembled this one got distracted and forgot to insert the window unit and only realisd when the rivet was partly flared but too flared to get the window unit in.

This one is from my own collection.

Another model missing it's plastic interior, This 38b Vauxhall Victor Estate would have had a book value of 2 to 3 hundred pounds - if it only had a red interior, It's not possible to easily remove the interior as it is secured by a thick stud hanging down from inside of the bonnet. Oh well, at least it was'nt a rogue silver wheel this time

This one is from my own collection.

As you can see this 31b Ford Customline Station Wagon is missing it's windows, The front window securing rivet is partly flared but the one at the back is untouched so it looks like the person that assembled the model was distracted, Once the front rivet had been flared it was no longer possible to fit the windows in place.

This one is from my own collection.

This one is a bit of an oddball, It's a 28c Jaguar mk10 that has no windows and no spring suspension so it sits really low, The front spot lights are silver trimmed which you don't find on any other 28c's, Also the roof securing rivet is not flared over, So is it an error piece or something a little more special, Answers on a postcard please.

Another piece from my own collection.

So now we move on to decal/label errors. I have shown this pair before, The 61b Alvis pretty much speaks for itself, the 38a Karrier Refuse truck has the decals mounted in the wrong place, Both of these came out of cheap beater lots off of ebay so I'm fairly confident they left the factory like this as nothing else in the lots had been messed about with.

And two more from my own collection.

Just for a change we have a Models of Yesteryear model, This Y11-2 Packard Landaulet has an extra decal stuck on the roof which I don't think would have been done on purpose as it would have been easy for quality control to pick up on.

Jonesie again.

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