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Lesney Matchbox error pieces 4

A casting error, This 33a Ford Zodiac had an air bubble trapped inside the mould in the area of the bonnet (hood) leaving it with a small hole just in front of the windscreen.
Like the 11a tanker we saw earlier we know this damage was done at the factory because the damaged area was painted leaving no bare metal showing.

Photo courtesy Louis (Carb) from the forum.


Another casting error, When this 36c Opel Diplomat was being made the mould did not completely fill with Mazac, possibly because of an air bubble so the model has been left with a hole in the rear wing
Metal flow errors like this are quite rare but not impossible to find.

Photo courtesy Tommy Nystrom

Now we move on to wrongly fitted parts
This 64a Scammell Army Wrecker has the hook fitted so it faces the wrong direction making the whole thing pretty useless for what it was meant for,
However it does make a very neat error piece.

Photo courtesy Hubcap from the forum.

Another interesting and fairly early error piece is this 4b Massey Harris tractor which appears that it was never fitted with a driver because on the 4b the driver is held in place by the rear axle, Of course it is possible to break the driver off if you really wanted too but as there is no other damage to the tractor that we can see so it almost certainly left the factory this way

Photo courtesy Antonin (Shenk) from the forum.

Oh, look, another one !. And almost the exact same variation as the one pictured above that is owned by Hubcap, the same painted hook, the same hook rivet and the same wheels, Maybe they got this one on timeshare.

Photo courtesy of Joseph (Deltalingua) from the forum.

The 55b Ford fairlane police car is a well known victim of the error piece syndrome as it is often found fitted with a 59b Fairlane Fire chief baseplate as they are both based on the same car,
However, This one don't have the fire chief baseplate, instead it has the fire chief white roof light which would probably have made this quite a valuable piece if it were in better condition.

Another one from my collection.

Note the seats in the left hand model, Someone was in the pub at lunchtime.

Another one from my collection

This 24a Weatherill Hydraulic Excavator has the shovel mounted upside down, This might simply be a common error piece but I believe it might just be an extra special Australian issue that was meant to pair up with the Australian green 5a bus. Offers over 5k to me please, thanks.

Another one from the Jones collection.

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