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Lesney Matchbox error pieces 6

Although defective labels are fairly common it is unusual to see one like this that has been cut in the wrong place. Unfortunately it now reads "ass dug" which would certainly bring tears to your eyes if you ever had it done to you. Only joking, It's an excellent error piece Chris.

Photo courtesy of Chris Schofield.


You may have already noticed that this 41c Ford GT40 has the rarer red plastic hubs, You may also have already noticed that it's an error piece because it don't have a bonnet (hood) decal fitted, But do you notice anything else unusual about this Ford, No?, Are you sure?. Well then see the next model for the answer.

Photo courtesy of James ?.

Another 41c Ford GT40, This one does not have a bonnet decal either but the hubs are the very common bright yellow so we wont lose any sleep over this one, But this is also different for the exact same reason as the GT40 pictured above, Still can't see what the difference is, ok, I'll tell you, both of the models appear to be painted in brilliant white (my one for certain) rather than the much duller off white that the Ford is usually painted in. When I included the white GT40 in the variation table many collectors, quite rightly, queried it as it had not been recorded before, So it looks like there might be a second brilliant white GT40. James, (owner of the red hub) if you happen to read this please email me.

This one is from my own collection.

Another 55b Ford Fairlane Police Car in almost mint condition but with no door or bonnet decals. So it's nothing unusual to find a Fairlane with the decals missing as they often get scratched off in order to 'improve' it's looks, But turn the model over and there are the missing door decals neatly stuck on to the baseplate.

Me again, the last one for the moment.

Models with paint errors are fairly scarce, not the thin paint on one side kind of stuff but proper full blown painting errors, And believe it or not the most common painting error is........ Putting the paint on backwards, backwards on the car that is, Both this model and the next have had the paint applied to the wrong end, On this 29b Austin Cambridge the mask was fitted the wrong way round so half of the the bonnet got painted light green instead of the boot (trunk), Super model Gary, I'm very jealous.

Photo courtesy of Gary (MrMoko) on the forum.

Our final model before we look at a couple of box errors is a 33b Ford Zodiac with the silver trim applied to the wrong end. See I told you putting the paint on backwards was the most common paint error even though it is extremely unusual.

Photo courtesy of Chris Bull (Taurus) from the forum.

Box errors seem even rarer than the models probably because you can only ruin a box by cutting it or by a printing fault, Lesney would have simply discarded any cut boxes but occasionally a badly printed box turns up, This one is a 'B' type box for the 8a Caterpillar and as you can see the black ink had all but run out when they made this one.

Photo courtesy Joe Allen (Tinman) from the forum.

Another Caterpillar box, this time a 'B' type box for the 18a Bulldozer and as you can see the red ink is badly smudged but the black ink is fine. We called in a team of printing experts and they have reported back to us that this was a genuine 100% bona fida real Mcoy factory smudge and not just your any old smudge you can see just about anywhere, So there you have it, The story of the error piece and the error box, if you have an unusual error piece we would be only too glad to include a photo in our next chapter which will be completed as soon as I find out where I put the rest of the models.

Photo courtesy of Mike Salter (msalter1) from the forum.

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