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Lesney Matchbox error pieces 2015
or, the oops hall of fame 2015.

These were all submitted to me in 2015 and are shown here in no particular order, Most are from Forum Members with a few borrowed from ebay and elswhere, These could not have been compiled without your help so a big thank you to all of you that submitted the photos,

Decal errors seem to be favoured by Forum member and ex Matchbox Ambassador David Tilley. This one shows how one colour, this time the black not being alligned properly and ruining the entire decal, Thanks for sharing David.
 photo davidtilley1_zpsajbnhnwx.jpg

This Models of Yesteryear Y1a Allchin Traction engine with its missing chimney is clear evidence of damage casused during the tumbling process. The overpainted break tells us the chimney got broke off before the model was painted, Photo cent in by Al Sally, Thanks for sharing Al.  photo alsally1256y4_zpsstpghqdo.jpg

Sunvisor ?. I guess the question is not how did this manage to slip by quality control but how did this manage to survive for the next 40 odd years as a toy without the offending piece of metal being removed. it is designed to come off after all, Photo by Jason Coker, The forums Nearlymint, Nice one Jason, Thanks for sharing.  photo jason-k5_zps68ulsxqr.jpg

Mixed plastic parts can make for a colourful and unusual model such as this 74 Toe Joe. But the colours may suggest some other unintended link, Typhoo tea anyone ?. Photo by David (Vertrad) from the Forum, Thanks for sharing David.  photo david vetrad_zps5eyqhdya.jpg

Another cast in sunvisor, This time its attached to the dashboard in a 63 Alvis Stalwart and yet again the window unit is surprisingly very much intact. This photo was sent in by Al Sally, Thanks Al, A very nice error,  photo alsally1256as_zpstg9rsse5.jpg

This picture of a severly distorted Austin wheel was sent in by Alex Bawn from the Forum. This was probably caused by lack of metal in the casting machine or it may be because the machine was swiched off for the night. Thanks for sharing Alex.  photo alexbawnw_zpsqfdyfxzg.jpg

A photo of missmatched wheel sizes on a number 40c Hay Trailer, It looks like the front axle is correct but the rear axle has been fitted with the hubs from the 41c Ford GT40. A nice error that was sent in by Brian Woodard, Thanks for sharing Brian.  photo 100_6966_zpsxm3a5pj5.jpg

This one is from the collection of Christian Falkensteiner no less, It shows a 28b Bedford Compressor truck with earlier knobbly black tread wheels up front and the later fine tread black wheels that replaced them at the rear. Thanks for sharing Christian.  photo CF28b_zpspswrahau.jpg

Paint errors are rarely seen this bad, The casting was either an old one being repainted or it was given an undercoat in light blue. But the darker blue topcoat that should have covered it can barely be seen. This was probably caused by the casting falling off of its spindle during spray painting. Sent in by the Forum's Bob from Ohio, Thanks for sharing Bob.  photo bobohiopaint_zpsr0d0nezz.jpg

A nice early error piece now, The 7a Horsedrawn Milkfloat with an odd square shaped section growing out of the horse's back. I'm not sure where I got this picture from but if it belongs to you then please get in touch and I will credit it to you  photo DSC03775_zpsfkiaxsrh.jpg

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