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Lesney Matchbox error pieces 2015
or, the oops hall of fame 2015.

These were all submitted to me in 2015 and are shown here in no particular order, Most are from Forum Members with a few borrowed from ebay and elswhere, These could not have been compiled without your help so a big thank you to all of you that submitted the photos,

This photo was submitted by Jason Coker (Nearlymint from the forum) It shows a 4a Massey Harris tractor which only has one rear mudguard fitted, I assume the other was missed as it should have been installed before the rear wheels were fitted.
 photo 007jasonnm_zpsbiayr3dy.jpg

This picture was sent in by Brian Woodard from Canada, It shows a rather peculiar and unusual casting error to the edge of the cab roof. How or why this odd bulge was cast into the roof is a mystery to me, Thanks for sharing Brian.  photo 100_6964_zpsag3kujsv.jpg

This picture shows what happens when a casting is placed in the tampo printing machine the wrong way around. The Tampo gets printed back to front, This picture was sent in by ex Matchbox ambassador David Tilley, Thanks David.  photo davidtilley2_zpsh1qxwaee.jpg

This casting error looks like someone has taken a bite out of the roof, I guess the dies never filled with the correct amount of metal leaving us with this sorry looking piece, How it ever got through quality control I don't know, Photograph borrowed from a well known online auction site!.  photo ebaycasting_zpsyh7qcjzr.jpg

This picture shows a very unusual decal error, The lower side decal has been applied not only upside down but reversed as well, I don't remember ever seeing one like this, Weird!!. It was sent in by Forum member Christian Falkensteiner, Thanks Christian.  photo cfdecal_zpsfdkx3zom.jpg

This shows what happens when the axle riveting machine is operated before the casting is placed into it correctly, The result?. A very neat axle pierced rear wheel. I don't think it would set any lap records that's for sure. Picture by Bob DeMarko, Thanks for sharing Bob.  photo Bob DeMarko_zpsjbzr4mhj.jpg

Here we have a rare box error with an extra 'O' printed just below the word 'Moko'. Very unusual and very odd. Thanks to Duke for sharing this one with us.  photo duke74box_zpsfhxdavuf.jpg

This picture shows a fairly common error, That is a plastics molding error where the steering wheel has not fully formed. One of several to be included in this update. It was sent in by Fintail from the Forum, Thanks for sharing Fintail.  photo fintail44b3_zpsy0yhrcxf.jpg

Another very strange casting error. This Ford wrecker has an extra bit cast on the top edge of the bodywork directly above the rear axles. Cool!. This one was sent in by Forum member Johnboy. Thanks John.  photo johnboycast_zpsjn2ybj7b.jpg

Here we have a wheel error where the two rear wheels are hollow and the two front are solid, Mixed wheels are not that hard to find because quite often they would have been fitted at different stages of assembly but on this superfast caravan they would have been fitted at the same time, Photo by Forum member wtsgmi1979. Thanks for sharing.  photo wtsgmi1970oddwheels_zpsvad4idm3.jpg

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