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Lesney Matchbox error pieces 2015
or, the oops hall of fame 2015.

These were all submitted to me in 2015 and are shown here in no particular order, Most are from Forum Members with a few borrowed from ebay and elswhere, These could not have been compiled without your help so a big thank you to all of you that submitted the photos,

An incomplete steering wheel molding gets this 18e Field Car into this years hall of fame, Picture courtesy Alex (motorman) from the forum. Nice one Alex, I hope you never paid full price for this one!.
 photo motormansw_zps5ibenai3.jpg

Now comes a superfast number 73 Mercury Commuter (or possibly the Kingsize version?) with a casting oops to the front wing, There's no truth in the rumor that these were supposed to represent authentic Ford rust holes. Photo courtesy Tandyfan from the Forum, Thanks for sharing.  photo MB73 tandyfan_zps7chx0taj.jpg

Rodger (Tractorboy) strikes again with this photo of this 27c Cadillac Sixty Special which has a severe case of 'cowboy rake' due to the wrong rear tyres being fitted to the rear axle. Nice one Rodger, Thanks for sharing.  photo rodgerwheel2_zpszpzd0zcg.jpg

One to match Alex's Field Car pictured at the top of this page, This 18e Field Car which also has a malformed steering wheel belongs to Matthias Zogg from the Forum, Thanks for sharing Matthias.  photo mathiaszoggsw_zpsgwulxm0p.jpg

This number 61a Ferret Scout Car driver is facing the wrong way, I think this might be another picture of the reversed baseplate version. Both pictures came from Rodger (Tractorboy) from the Forum, Thanks for sharing Rodger.  photo johnboytt_zpsdvwfqo8u.jpg

Here's one from the collection of Antonin Schenk (Diecast) from the Forum, This number 19a MG Sports Car looks complete at first glance until you notice the seats have not been painted red like they should have been, What a super error Antonin, Thanks for sharing.  photo shenkseats_zpsbjsj2nvr.jpg

As a child would have been disappointed to have opened the box to find this 68c Porsche with it's front wheel fitted on back to front, today, well. I would have been absolutely delighted, Funny how time changes us all, Photo courtesy of Jason Coker (Nearlymint) from the Forum.  photo jasonrevwheel_zpseqhnnrvb.jpg

I'm not sure if this is an error piece or a mixture of early and late parts but either way it deserves a place in this years hall of fame simply because it is different from the rest, Photo courtesy Yellowfoden from the Forum, A super find Yellowfoden. Thanks for sharing!.  photo yellowfodencast_zpshrtwx4yg.jpg

Mike (Mike & Nico) sends us this photo of his number 3a Cement Mixer with a casting error to the handle. This being such a tiny part on the Mixer it is often damaged like this and quite possibly this happened when the castings were being tumbled to remove the sprue. Thanks for sharing Mike.  photo mikemixer_zpsp3voocwb.jpg

At last, an axle oops, the first one this year (so far). This 8a Caterpillar Crawler has an extra long axle pin in the front axle, I'm not sure where the photo came from but if you recognise it as one of yours then please let me know and I will credit it to you.  photo P1010033_zpsi96hmapy.jpg

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