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Lesney Matchbox error pieces 2015
or, the oops hall of fame 2015.

These were all submitted to me in 2015 and are shown here in no particular order, Most are from Forum Members with a few borrowed from ebay and elswhere, These could not have been compiled without your help so a big thank you to all of you that submitted the photos,

This number 3 Monteverdi Hai has the interior fitted the wrong way around. This picture was sent in by Tandyfan from the Forum, Thanks for sharing Tandyfan.  photo tandyfan-int_zpscjx1u10m.jpg

Another wheel foiling error, this time courtesy of Brian Woodard, sadly his 46c Mercedes 300se looks like it has been vandalised by a yob with a spraycan of silver paint. But we know better, Thanks for sharing Brian.  photo 100_6968_zpsljlxnec7.jpg

Well here's an odd one from the collection of Jason (Nearlymint). It's a Kingsize K3b Hatra Tractor shovel with a rather organic looking metal growth that I guess must have dripped onto the casting when it was still molten, Thanks for sharing Jason.  photo jason nm 001A_zpsexag01hl.jpg

And yet another example of the old 'wheel hot foiling error'. This 33d Datsun 126x has no chrome plating on the wheel center but plenty of it on the sidewall of the tyre, This photo was sent in by Simon, Thanks for sharing Simon.  photo simon wheel_zpsi9qmmfmg.jpg

Mick Bruce sent me this picture of his 61a Ferret Scout Car which has a rather strange bump in it, I don't think the bump is paint so it is probably a drip of molten metal. Either that or it has caught something from Jason's weird Hatra, Nice find Mick (SMS88), And thanks for sharing.  photo SMS003_zpszaeo8clq.jpg

At last, A carded error which is not too detracting from the model as its only another wheel hot foiling oops, This photo was sent to me by Steve (Matchboxrwsteve) of the Forum, Thanks for sharing Steve.  photo matchboxrwsteve11_zpsofvstnrl.jpg

Plastic errors are not normaly associated to the 21 Commer Milkfloat but this example belonging to Mick Bruce with its reversed milk crates is very nice indeed. Thanks for sharing Mick (SMS88).  photo micksmsoops_zps7kvzy51p.jpg

This 36b Opel Diplomat has had a metal flow problem leaving it without a windscreen pillar, And the fact that the corner of the roof has full paint coverage tells us the window pillar never existed, Thanks to Chris for sharing this photo, (Ford a 30 on the Forum).  photo chris ford a 30 pillar_zpskwe0k6xc.jpg

Another axle riveting oops, The toy was not placed in the correct position so when the axle riveting machine got to work it carved a doughnut shape out of the tyre sidewall. Again, I'm not sure where this picture came from but if you recognise it as one of yours let me know and I will credit the picture to you, But thanks for sharing whoever you are.  photo DSCN5661_zpsn4e9o87p.jpg

Oops or oppart?, (out of place article). This 'Overingham' Foden tipper is undoubtedly from London because it drops its H-es just like a Londoner. But why was it found on the other side of the world in New Zealand. Hmm very mysterious, Another one by Rodger (Tractorboy), Thanks for sharing Rodger.  photo eb2_zps1r2mavhh.jpg

Here's the second box image, and yes, it is a very bad case of sunfade. all of the boxes have the exact same pattern of sunfade so it looks like they were lined up on a shelf with the left side of each box being overlapped by the right side of the next box, So not really an oops but something we should all take note of, Notice too how the red ink has practically disappeared but the black ink is still mostly visible, Photo courtesy that auction site.  photo eb6_zpszps0rr6r.jpg

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