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Lesney Matchbox error pieces 2015
or, the oops hall of fame 2015.

These were all submitted to me in 2015 and are shown here in no particular order, Most are from Forum Members with a few borrowed from ebay and elswhere, These could not have been compiled without your help so a big thank you to all of you that submitted the photos,

I found this on a certain well known online auction site. It has an orange cab and yellow tipper, Exactly the same as my one, Which now means Hugh has the rarer type. darn it. Thanks for nothing well known online auction site.  photo eb9_zpsrsm3qjm0.jpg

Reg (Fixer) sent in this picture of his aptly named number 56 'Hi Tailer', except that its actually the 'Low Tailer' because the wheels were installed at the wrong ends of the car giving it a nose up tail down look or a 'cowboy rake', Thanks for sharing Reg.  photo fixerwheels2_zps9sjgcfoc.jpg

John (Johnboy) sent in this photo of his 64a Scammell Army Breakdown truck which has a variety of wheel sizes and tread counts on all three axles, Thanks for sharing John. Nice oops!.  photo johnboy44_zpsob5yyymw.jpg

This Rola-Matic number 20 Police Range Rover 'power take off' wheel should have been fitted to the rear axle so it could work the beacon but on the front axle all it does is stop the wheel turning, Photo courtesy John (Johnboy). Thanks for sharing John.  photo johnjohnboywheel_zpsl7igwgsp.jpg

This 27c Cadillac Sixty Special is the second example of a casting being placed into the silver trim machine incorrectly so the toy is not in proper contact with the mask leaving silver paint all over the front end, Photo courtesy of John (Johnnypimp) from the forum. Thanks for sharing John.  photo johnnypimpcad1_zps5x1aln3f.jpg

And a rear view of John's (Johnnypimp's) Cadillac, The fact that there is a break in the middle tells us that the paint was applied to the correct end, It was just applied incorrectly!, Thanks for sharing John.  photo johnnypimpcad2_zpsiux1ebxu.jpg

Unchromed wheels are what you would expect to see on a Military Mercedes, Also both 4 slot and 5 slot wheels are both found on the Mercedes, Although you would normally need two models to show the two wheel variations. Photo courtesy Kurt (Pierkemimi) from the Forum.  photo kurtwheels_zpsezwuoia0.jpg

This 55 Mercury Police car oops has amber coloured roof lights which is unusual because they are normally red. So its an oops but the question is what were the amber coloured lights originally intended for, a mystery we are unlikely to solve. Photo courtesy Mathias Zogg (mbox75) on the Forum.  photo mathiaszoggamber_zps338id1cz.jpg

Mathias also sent me this picture of his number 27e Lamborghini Countach with a paint oops that only someone who collects these would be able to detect, In fact there is nothing wrong with the model except that the yellow tampo (paint printing) which should have adorned this model is completely missing. Picture courtesy Mathias Zogg (mbox75) from the Forum. Thanks for sharing Mathias.  photo mathiasztampo_zpsvqqmmeyj.jpg

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