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Lesney Matchbox error pieces 2015
or, the oops hall of fame 2015.

These were all submitted to me in 2015 and are shown here in no particular order, Most are from Forum Members with a few borrowed from ebay and elswhere, These could not have been compiled without your help so a big thank you to all of you that submitted the photos,

Another one from Jasons (Nearlymint) amazing collection, This baseplate riveting oops shows what happens when the casting is not properly inserted under the riveting machine, Still they got it right the second time. Thanks for sharing Jason.  photo jasnmrivetx_zps7awthrxw.jpg

Riveting oopses don't only happen to baseplates, This number 72b Standard Jeep got it in the rear wheel, ohhh nasty but cool as well. Thanks go to Nokrybabies from the forum who sent in the photo, Great find Nokrybabies,  photo nokrybabies77_zpses9ubba5.jpg

Its not often you find a model with a partly molten baseplate but thats exactly what we have here, Its Mike's number 41a Jaguar racing car that bears the scars, maybe its a birthmark, Thanks for sharing Mike (Mike & Nico) from the Forum.  photo mikenico_zps4kzrlcyu.jpg

This is a rare oops in that you just don't see old Lesneys with a mix of metal and plasic wheels. So this 29a Bedford with one odd silver plastic wheel is a very nice find, But I can't imagine what model the little silver plastic wheel could have been originally made for?. This photo was sent in by Peter Koke from the Forum. Thanks for sharing Peter.  photo peter koke_zpsxufjyjf2.jpg

Here's another oops from the collection of Matthias Zogg. Its a number 68b Porsche 910 and the oops is the four slot wheels fitted to the rear axle, The Porsche is normaly only fitted wit five slot mags. Thanks for sharing Matthias, Your model deserves its place in the hall of fame.  photo mathiaszogg4sp_zpspora84as.jpg

A casting oops, This time to the upper end of the windscreen pillar on this 36c Opel Diplomat which is part of the Mick Bruce collection. Thanks for sharing Mick (SMS88) from the Forum.  photo sms88opel_zpsw6yalxlw.jpg

This ones not easy to see but the model on the left has the window unit fitted reversed or back to front. This is another one from John (Johnboys) collection. Thanks for sharing John.  photo johnboywindowreversed_zpsr8mmkudn.jpg

Rodger (Tractorboy) from the Forum sent in this picture of his number 31a Ford Station Wagon with an unpressed rivet. Its amazing how the two parts are still together after 50 years but then I suppose it never did come out of the toybox very much. Thanks for sharing Rodger.  photo rodgerunspun_zpsjywie0xo.jpg

I think this is probably the most extreme example of the 'lack of steering wheel syndrome', The whole of the rim of the steering wheel is completely missing, This is another from the collection of John (Johnboy). Thanks for sharing John.  photo johnboy11_zpssq9dazv8.jpg

Here's another nice example of metal sprue remaining inside the casting and being spray painted too. This photo was sent in by Rodger (Tractorboy) from the Forum, Thanks for sharing Rodger. it sure makes a nice change to all these 15c's with extra wheels inside the cab.  photo rodgercasting_zpsnlh1mzlm.jpg

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