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Lesney Matchbox error pieces 2016 page 6

These were all submitted to me in 2016 and are shown here in no particular order, Most are from Forum Members with a few borrowed from ebay and elswhere, These could not have been compiled without your help so a big thank you to all of you that submitted the photos,

Aha... I was wondering when we would come across a model with an extra wheel trapped inside the cab. Here's a Rotinoff waiting to take its place next to all of the Dennis Refuse trucks and Scammell prime movers with trapped wheels.
photo courtesy Bert (yellowfoden) of the forum. thanks for sharing Bert.
 photo thumbnail_15b oops spare tyre inside cab yf_zps0ffdaftg.jpg

This Ford GT40 has a mixture of fine and knobbly tread tyres. I don't recall seeing this error on the GT before. nice find, photo courtesy Burak Gedikli (eburak) from the forum
thanks for sharing Burak.
 photo eburak Burak tread count_zpstej8ajog.jpg

Another blistered oops from the land of the Lesney reject, this time one that is missing all of its wheels and both of its axles. Of course its another one from Steve's super duper oops collection (matchboxkiwi).
Thanks for sharing Steve.
 photo matchboxkiwiwheels_zpsaema4gwf.jpg

We all love the Lesney photo of the female worker applying decals and the odd decals stuck to many surfaces. Here is a case where my 42a missed on having one applied to the door. This was on our train set and was packed away in 1973. Some 20 years later I won an auction lot. When I got to inspect the models after collecting them I was delighted to find an extra decal on the base. That would have been handy when the van was parked over an open manhole for workers below or when van was in for a service up on the hoist or ramps keeping mechanics up to speed with football news.
Text and photo courtesy Bert (yellowfoden) from the forum, Thanks for sharing Bert.
 photo thumbnail_42a OOPS missing decal and extra decal to base yellowfoden_zpsrw1cxyzg.jpg

Casting oops or fettling (rubling tumbling) oops, This could be a casting error but I think it more likely that the window brace was broken during fettling when the excess metal flash was removed, Whatever the case, The painted over broken end tells us it was broken before the casting was painted.
photo courtesy John (johnboy) from the forum, Thanks for sharing John. nice oops.
 photo johnboycast1_zpslomvl4qr.jpg

This Ferrari did not have the plastic window unit fitted correctly when it was assembled. the bottom of the screen should have been tucked over the dashboard but it was not resulting in a bent and cracked screen.
It is from the collection of Kurt (matchboxfreak) from the forum, Thanks for sharing Kurt.
 photo matchboxfreakwindow1_zpseqsjovju.jpg

And this Station Wagon did not have the window unit fitted at all when it was assembled. from the collection of Kurt (pierkemimi) from the forum.
thanks for sharing Kurt. nice find.
 photo window kurt van laere_zpsrnthdbwa.jpg

This Dodge BP Wrecker is an unusual oops, that is if it is an oops at all. The rear axle is fitted with dual rear wheels. I guess it could be an error, custom or trial piece. the owner claims the body casting looks like it is a factory standard issue and he should know.
This example is from the collection of Jason Roper, Thanks for sharing Jason.
 photo jason image1_zpse6kavv15.jpg
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