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Lesney Matchbox error pieces 2016 page 5

These were all submitted to me in 2016 and are shown here in no particular order, Most are from Forum Members with a few borrowed from ebay and elswhere, These could not have been compiled without your help so a big thank you to all of you that submitted the photos,

I guess you are all wondering where the Models of Yesteryear oopsies are all hiding, Well you can usually rely on Bob Tutt to produce something out of the hat and this year is no different, He shows us three mint condition MoYs all with the same paint error, two tone on one side and one tone on the other, Wicked!.
Thanks for sharing Bob.
 photo yys4bob Bob Tutt no tampo_zpsrkopeedh.jpg

From the collection of John Wale comes this Superfast Pointer truck which is fitted with an exceptionally long rear axle, and it would appear to be the only faulty axle error this year.
Nice one John, thanks for sharing.
 photo axle john wale_zpsxtfe4qib.jpg

Another heavy goods vehicle, this time it is an Albion Chieftain portland cement truck with a paint masking error leaving some of the sacks of cement coloured yellow instead of beige. I guess the mask must have slipped??.
This one is from forum member Rodgers collection (tractorboy). Thanks for sharing Rodger.
 photo rodger tractorboy paint_zpsj7qwmxqj.jpg

Another sealed blister card error, the last one had the car attached to the back of the card. This one has the card upside down, and just like the last one, it also comes from Hong Kong,
So once again its a big thank you to Ritchie, cheers mate.
 photo ritchiecard1_zpssyccfwua.jpg

My Studebaker Lark is not an oops claims the owner, it has simply had a puncture and now has its space saver spare fitted. nope, your not fooling anyone but good try.
photo courtesy Jason (nearlymint) Thanks for sharing Jason. nice oops.
 photo nmwheel_zpsfaqoclpi.jpg

When it come to 'oopses' I'm beginning to think this guy has the market cornered, either that or Matchbox found a way to export all of their reject toys to New Zealand.
Yes you guessed it, this sealed blister card that holds a Dodge crane (minus the front axle) is another one from Steves collection (matchboxkiwi).
Thanks Steve.
 photo matchboxkiwiwheels2_zpslc5lw8am.jpg

Another page from the pocket catalogue from hell, photo courtesy Steve (matchboxkiw).  photo matchboxkiwicat1_zpsw58j8re2.jpg

Quality control must have been on holiday when this one was made, the baseplate never got riveted properly hence the model just came apart.
This example is from the collection of Alwin Van Hattem,
Thanks for sharing Alwin.
 photo alwinvhunriveted1_zps0hrbq2cp.jpg
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