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Lesney Matchbox error pieces 2016 page 1

These were all submitted to me in 2016 and are shown here in no particular order, Most are from Forum Members with a few borrowed from ebay and elswhere, These could not have been compiled without your help so a big thank you to all of you that submitted the photos,

We will start off this years oops hall of fame with this blistered trike that has the front axle piercing the wheel preventing it from rotating, Which can probably help to explain how the toy managed to remain in its packaging for all these years,
photo courtesy Jason Roper. Cheers Jason.
 photo jasonwheel2_zpszizbihkg.jpg

Here we have a rather odd looking Rolls Royce courtesy of our resident RR fanatic Kevin (ghosthunter), Thanks Kev.
This #39 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II has been fitted with wheels that are too large so they rub against the bodywork so to call it a 'Superfast' would be a fib. The Black Grille etc is the result of poor storage and the cold air has caused the 'Chrome' to evaporate away to nothing!! Ghosthunter.
 photo Kevin Ghosthunter no chrome 39e_zpsayshnowp.jpg

This Dodge stake truck has a piece missing from the stake truck bed and looking at the rounded ends of the plastic tells us it has obviously been made that way, Nice,
photo courtesy Steve (matchboxkiwi). Thanks Steve.
 photo matchboxkiwimold_zpst8xqazzq.jpg

Also from Steve (matchboxkiwi) is this very badly printed page from a matchbox pocket catalogue, I have a few more pages from the same catalogue but to save your eyes I have spread them around,
Thanks Steve.
 photo matchboxkiwicat_zpseirpmwn1.jpg

The miss strike with the axle burring machine is possibly the most common error, but it can add a little interest to a commen model,
photo courtesy John (johnboy) from the forum, thanks for sharing John.
 photo johnboywheel1_zpspr0uj1gt.jpg

And the hot foiling missing from the wheel of a Superfast model must follow as a close second to the most common oops,
This photograph was sent in by Alwin Van Hattem, Thanks for sharing Alwin.
 photo alwinvhwheel1_zpsqmxkawrv.jpg

this photograph was borrowed from the facebook page of Troy Yiakalis, It shows his mint condition Land Rover which is missing its plastic window unit, Cool,
Thanks for sharing Troy.
 photo troy yiakalis_zps9rgzou19.jpg

Next we have a nice example of a model suffering from the 'extra decal syndrome'. And as has been found fairly often, the extra decal is firmly stuck on to the baseplate,
photograph courtesy Gerrit (ecclesley) from the forum, Thanks Gerrit.
 photo ecclesleydecal1_zpsvefapbku.jpg
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