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Lesney Matchbox MG1 Service Stations
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These were made to compliment the highly successful 1-75 or 'Miniatures' range, They were first introduced in 1957 and stayed in production right into the Superfast era, There were three basic Service Stations and a Fire Station, The first Service Station was a single storey building fixed to a forecourt which was of all plastic construction and it dated from 1957 to 1961, The second Service Station was a two storey building of all plastic construction which appeared in Esso livery of yellow and red which was updated when the colours changed to white and green and it became a BP Garage, It was in production from 1961 to 1967, The third Service Station reverted back to a single storey building in white plastic, It kept the BP livery and was later released with a card forecourt, It dates from 1967 and was kept in production until 1970 or possibly later. The Fire Station was released in 1963 and probably went out of production around about 1967, It can be found with a green or red roof, The second Service Station was also released as part of the G-10 gift set.

1st Service Station . 2nd Service Station . 3rd Service Station . Fire Station + Giftset