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Lesney Matchbox MG1 Service Stations
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1967 saw the introduction of the new single storey BP Service Station which was a more up to date design but maybe not quite as nice as the earlier garages, It was all molded in white plastic with the only piece of die cast being the base of the BP sign, The windows displayed stickers with various food and drinks vending machines and the pumps now came included with the garage but they were also of plastic construction, The box was based on the current F type box


The garage was also released with a card roadway and the box it came in was identical to the earlier version except that it had "With Forecourt" added and it displayed an updated illustration showing it to be on a motorway services area, I believe this one had to be made in about 1968-69.

In 1970 it was re released with a new forcourt design and a working vehicle lifting ramp which was molded in brown and off white plastic and was enhanced by the addition of "Duckhams Oil" and "Q" (Quaker State) stickers, By pulling on the handle mounted on the side the ramp could be raised, The card forecourt was the same size as the earlier version but Lesneys managed to make this one a little more interesting and note how in the picture above the shadow of the petrol pumps remain in place even after the pumps have been removed!. The box design stayed the same as the previous issue but fortunately the card forecourt is dated 1970.