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Lesney Matchbox MG1 Service Stations
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The second garage was a two storey design that was typical 1930's style. It had a ramp at the rear to access the showroom and an Esso lubrication service decal on the end wall, It was all of plastic construction except for the die cast sign on the roof that was enhanced with a decal proclaiming it to be the "Matchbox sales and service station" and displayed a clock and Esso, AA and RAC badges. It was in production from 1961 to 1963 and could be found in a C type box or a D type box with a colour picture. I think this one was probably my favourite.


In 1963 the colour scheme was revised to white and dark green and the decal on the end wall changed to one that read "BP Energol Lubrication", The clock face was removed from the roof sign to be replaced by a BP sign but the main roof sign still proclaimed it to be the "Matchbox Sales and Service Station", This stayed in production until about 1967 and came in a new E type box. At this time the new A1 Accessory pack BP petrol pumps were introduced which featured 3 die cast petrol pumps and a freestanding BP sign, It had a plastic attendant and 2 plastic lamps and it was designed to pair up with the 'new' BP garage.