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Early Models of Yesteryear boxes

The early 'Models of Yesteryear' models were packed into a box that was very similar in design to the boxes used for the early Matchbox 1-75 series, The first box design was designated type 'A' and continued from there, Unlike the 1-75 series which number the first box as A-1 and the next minor change to the endflaps became the A-2 the first minor alteration to the yesteryear box became the type 'B' box and then the 'C' with a few minor exceptions continued on up from there. These are the earliest box types up to the type 'E1', the later box types were mostly of a generic type with windows which meant that with the exception of the model name and number the boxes were all pretty much identical,
My gratitude to Bob Tutt who very kindly supplied all of the photographs.

Above. The first Models of Yesteryear 'A' box is very easy to identify as it has only a simple line drawing illustration and the end flaps have only the model number in black print on a plain blue flap. Box type A was only used for the first nine models.

Above. The second box, The 'B' type has blue numbers on the endflaps printed on a white spot. Apart from a new illustration to the Y-9 Showmans Engine box the design stayed the same as the earlier A box with the exception of the modified endflaps, Boxes numbered Y-5, Y-6 and Y-7 were not issued as a B type.


Above. The 'C' type box has the model number printed in red on a white spot on the endflaps as well as the model name printed in white. The line drawings of the models were still the same unaltered illustrations as was used on the earlier boxes with the exception of the Y-4, Y-6 and Y-7 which were replacement models which of course needed to have completely new boxes designed for them which also had "New Model" printed on the endflaps.

Above. The 'D-1' box had the first full colour picture of the model which was on a plain yellow background, The illustrations were initially the same as used on the A type box but the Y-2 Renault, Y-3 Tram, Y-8 Sunbeam and Y-11 Packard soon featured modified designs even though the models were unchanged, The Y-5 1929 Bentley box now contained a slightly larger but completely redesigned 4½ Litre Bentley, Other replacements were the Y-2-1 B type bus with the Y-2-2 Renault, The Y-10-1 Mercedes GP with the Y-10-2 Mercedes 36-220 and the Y-11-1 Aveling with the Y-11-2 Packard, The endflaps had the model name and number printed in white and boxes for the Y-2-2 Renault, Y-8-2 Sunbeam, Y-11-2 Packard can be found both with and without "New Model" printed on the endflaps. The Y-16 Spyker was a new release.


Above. The 'D-2' box has a full colour picture of the model including for the first time the background detail. It had "Models of Yesteryear" printed along the top while the endflaps remain simple white model name and number on a blue endflap. To date no D-2 boxes for the Y-14 Duke of Connaught have ever been found so it is fairly safe to assume they were never issued.

Above. At first glance the 'D-3' box appears basically unchanged from the D-2 apart from having the background illustrations toned down and tidied up, But the most noticable change was the "Models of Yesteryear" legend had been relocated to below the picture in a very small font and the "Matchbox" legend had now taken its place. The endflaps were still just a white model name and number on a blue flap. No examples of the Y-3 or Y-13 D-3 boxes have been found to date.


Above. The 'E' type box front face was again basically unchanged from the D type but the endflaps now featured full colour illustrations with the model name and number in white and the "Matchbox" legend in red. The Y-3 and Y13 being slightly different as they did not have "Matchbox" printed in red on the endflaps. Recoloured models were reflected in the box illustrations when the Y-6 Bugatti was redrawn with a red car pictured or the Y-7 Mercer in its new shade of yellow. No number Y-9 E type boxes are known to exist.

Above. The 'E-1' type box is unchanged from the 'E' box except the trademark '®' is now sited next to the "Matchbox®" legend, The recoloured Y-6 Bugatti and Y-7 Mercer did not last long as they were both replaced by the Y-6 Cadillac and the Y-7 Rolls Royce which also stands out because it has a rather plain box illustration without any background detail. No E-1 boxes for the Y-12 Thomas Flyabout have been found to date. .