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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear

The Model of Yesteryear range was introduced in 1956 with the release of the Y-1 Allchin Traction Engine. The range had been instigated by Jack Odell who had a love of vintage steam vehicles and he wanted to make an accurate range of models that would run alongside the very successful 1-75 series but these would be aimed at the adult collector rather than children. Like all of the vehicles modelled by Lesney so far the Yesteryears were not made to a particular scale but were made to fit a standard size box.
The range was originaly limited to 16 models but in 1975 it was extended past 16 and will probably go on being extended as many sub-categories have since been released including Special Editions and Limited Editions. To begin with the models were released in just one colour scheme or livery but by the mid 70's the cars were painted in alternate colours and the vans went through numerous changes of livery.
For the new collector the Yesteryear range is ideal as many of the standard models from the 70s and 80s can be bought for as little as £ 2.00 in mint in box condition although some of the rarer models can fetch hundreds. During the 70's and 80's many unofficial variations were made by Lesney staff to sell to collectors.
It should also be noted that some parts such as plastic seats are interchangable between models so it's a case of 'buyer beware' when buying "rare" models.
I have not attempted to include a price guide for Yesteryears but I have divided them into one of four categories of models which are "common", "hard to find", "rare", and "very rare". It should be assumed that all models are common unless stated otherwise. Common models have a value of under £ 50.00, "hard to find" are £50 to £150.00, "rare" are £150 to £300 and "very rare" are over £300.
For those of you who are looking for the rarer models then towards the bottom of this page is a live and up to the minute list of eBay's most watched items in the Models of Yesteryear category. For eBay's general Matchbox category click the "whats hot" button at the top of the page.
I intend to include all of the made in England models in this guide and will try to include all of the Macau and the early Chinese made issues if possible.

Early Models of Yesteryear boxes - - - Models of Yesteryear model scales

Series 1
Series 2
Series 3
Series 4
Series 5
Y1-1 Allchin
1925 Traction Engine
Y1-2 Ford
1911 Model T
Y1-3 Jaguar
1936 SS 100
no model issued no model issued
Y2-1 B Type
1911 London Bus
Y2-2 Renault
1911 Two Seater
Y2-3 Vauxhall
1914 Prince Henry
Y2-4 Bentley
1930 4 Litre
no model issued
Y3-1 London
1907 E Class Tramcar
Y3-2 Benz
1910 Limousine
Y3-3 Riley
1934 MPH
Y3-4 Ford
1912 Model T Tanker
no model issued
Y4-1 Sentinel
1928 Steam Waggon
Y4-2 Shand Mason
1905 Fire Engine
Y4-3 Opel
1909 Coupe
Y4-4 Duesenberg
1930 Model J Town Car
no model issued
Y5-1 Bentley
1929 Le Mans
Y5-2 Bentley
1929 4 Litre
Y5-3 Peugeot
Y5-4 Talbot
1927 Van
Y5-5 Leyland
1929 Titan Bus
Y6-1 AEC
1916 Y type Lory
Y6-2 Bugatti
1926 type 35
Y6-3 Cadillac
Y6-4 Rolls Royce
1920 Fire Engine
Y6-5 Mercedes
1932 L5 Lorry
Y7-1 Leyland
1918 4 ton Lorry
Y7-2 Mercer
1913 Raceabout type J
Y7-3 Rolls Royce
Y7-4 Ford
1930 Breakdown Truck
no model issued
Y8-1 Morris
1926 Cowley Bullnose
Y8-2 Sunbeam
1914 Motorcycle + Sidecar
Y8-3 Stutz
1914 type 4-E Roadster
Y8-4 MG
1945 TC
Y8-5 Yorkshire
1917 Steam Wagon
Y9-1 Fowler
1914 Showmans Engine
Y9-2 Simplex
Y9-3 Leyland
1920 3 Ton Lorry
Y9-4 Leyland
1936 Cub Fire Engine FK7
no model issued
Y10-1 Mercedes
1908 Grand Prix
Y10-2 Mercedes Benz
1928 36-220
Y10-3 Rolls Royce
1906 Silver Ghost
Y10-4 Maserati
1957 250F
Y10-5 Diddler
1931 Trolleybus
Y11-1 Aveling Porter
1920 Steam Roller
Y11-2 Packard
1912 Landaulet
Y11-3 Lagonda
1938 Drophead Coupe
Y11-4 Bugatti
1932 type 51
Y11-5 Bugatti
1924 type 35
Y12-1 Horsedrawn
1899 Bus
Y12-2 Thomas
1909 Flyabout
Y12-3 Ford
1912 Model T Van
Y12-4 Stephensons
1829 Rocket
Y12-5 GMC
1937 Van
Y13-1 General
1862 American Locomotive
Y13-2 Daimler
1911 type A12
Y13-3 Crossley
1918 Van
no model issued no model issued
Y14-1 Duke of Connaught
1903 Locomotive
Y14-2 Maxwell
1911 Roadster
Y14-3 Stutz
1931 Bearcat
Y14-4 ERA
1935 R.I.B
no model issued
Y15-1 Rolls Royce
1907 Silver Ghost
Y15-2 Packard
1930 Victoria
Y15-3 Preston
1900 Tramcar
no model issued no model issued
Y16-1 Spyker
Y16-2 Mercedes Benz
1928 SS Coupe
Y16-3 Ferrari
1960 Dino 246/V12
Y16-4 Scania Vabis
1922 Half Track Postbus
Y16-5 Scammell
1929 100 ton Low Loader
Y17-1 Hispano Suiza
no model issued no model issued no model issued no model issued
Y18-1 Cord
1937 812 Sedan
Y18-2 Atkinson
1918 model D Wagon
no model issued no model issued no model issued
Y19-1 Auburn
1936 Speedster 851
Y19-2 Fowler
1905 B6 Showmans Engine
Y19-3 Morris
1929 Cowley Van
no model issued no model issued
Y20-1 Mercedes Benz
1937 540K
no model issued no model issued no model issued no model issued
Y21-1 Ford
1930 Model A Woody
Y21-2 Ford
1930 Model A Tradesman
Y21-3 Aveling Porter
1894 Steam Roller
Y21-4 BMW
1955 507
Y21-5 Ford
1926 Model TT Van
Y22-1 Ford
1930 Model A Van
no model issued no model issued no model issued no model issued
Y23-1 AEC
1922 Omnibus
Y23-2 Mack
1930 Tanker
no model issued no model issued no model issued
Y24-1 Bugatti
1928 T44
Y25-1 Renault
1910 type AG Van
Y26-1 Crossley
1918 Delivery Truck
Y27-1 Foden
1922 Steam Wagon
Y28-1 Unic
1906 Taxi
Y29-1 Walker
1919 Electric Van
Y30-1 Mack
1920 AC truck
Y31-1 Morris
1931 Courier
Y32-1 Yorkshire
1917 WA Steam Wagon
Y33-1 Mack
1930 AC Truck
Y34-1 Cadillac
1933 452 V16
Y35-1 Ford
1930 Model A Pick Up
Y36-1 Rolls Royce
1925 Phantom 1
Y37-1 Garrett
1929 Steam Wagon
Y38-1 Rolls Royce
1920 Armoured Car
Y39-1 Horsedrawn
1820 Passenger Coach
Y40-1 Mercedes Benz
1931 770
Y41-1 Mercedes Benz
1932 L5 Lorry
Y42-1 Albion
1939 CX27 Lorry
Y43-1 Busch
1905 Fire Engine
Y44-1 Renault
1910 Bus
Y45-1 Bugatti
1930 Royale Napoleon
Y46-1 Merryweather
1880 Fire Engine
Y47-1 Morris
1929 Cowley Van
#48 - #60 not used
Y61-1 Cadillac
1933 Fire Engine
Y62-1 Ford
1932 Model AA Truck
Y63-1 Bedford
1939 KD Truck
Y64-1 Lincoln
1938 Zephyr
Y65-1 Austin 7
1928 + BMW + Rosengart
Y66-1 Horsedrawn
1762 Gold State Coach
no model issued no model issued no model issued no model issued

Below is a list of the most watched items in eBays Model of Yesteryear category,
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