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Kemlow Sentry Box Series

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Kemlow were a small die casting company based in Wood Green, North London, They were founded in 1946 by Charles Kempster and William Lowe who combined their sirnames to make "Kemlow". The company was originally set up to produce diecast toys which were marketed by Morestone and Wardie products, They also produced a range of Matchbox toy size Army vehicles marketed as the "Sentry Box Series" which surprisingly neither the box or the toys carried the Kemlow brand name. The sentry box series all had grey metal wheels,

They also produced a dinky size range of toys that had rubber tyres that was marketed as Kemlows or Automec, The Automec toys were also sold as an assemble it yourself kits. The Sentry Box series were marketed by Woolworths but sometime around 1960 the Woolworths Management decided not to sell war toys so the range was discontinued, The customer base soon moved away from toys and into components for the motor industry. Kemlows relocated to Potters Bar in the late 1950s and again to Hoddesden in 1974 and are still in the diecasting business today.

In the mid 1960s the Sentry Box dies were sold and some were eventually put back into production by the Israeli company Gamda in their "River Series" range.

The Sentry Box photos are from my own collection but the larger scale model sections are purely a basic price guide using Vectis photos and descriptions.

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