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The Die Cast Machine Tools Company (DCMT) was started by Aubrey Mills and Sidney Ambridge in 1939, Their main business was the manufacturing of die casting machines. At the end of WW2 there was a shortage of toys so they made some cars that were marketed by the Crescent Toy Co. In the 50's this agreement ended and DCMT distributed their own goods using "Lone Star" as their brand  name  because most of the toys were die cast cap guns and Cowboy outfits. The all metal "Lone Star Locos" range was introduced in 1957 and would have been more successful if the trains did not fall off the track quite so easily. In 1960 an additional range of metal and plastic electric powered trains was made which was called Lone Star "Trebel-0-lectric" range which lasted until 1964. At this time the Lone Star Locos range were renamed to Treble-O-trains which finally went out of production in 1970.Rodney Smith and Jack Odell both worked for DCMT in the late forties before leaving to start the Lesney Products company with Leslie Smith.

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