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Lone Star Locos

Boxes, Leaflets & Artwork

At least 4 different sizes of box were used for the Lone Star Locos rolling stock and track, All of the small boxes displayed the same artwork.

The larger Lone Star box was used for the trees & signal boxes, It still had the same artwork as the smaller boxes, The treble-O-lectric boxes were not so pretty.


The Station had the most decorated box, All of the pictures below are from the Station.

Station box small end.

Station box small end 2.

Station box side.

Station box side 2. The back of the box was plain white card.


Front & back of the early leaflet that was inside every box sold, Note that at this stage none of the models were numbered and the re-railer track had not been introduced.

The inside faces of the first type leaflet. Note that only one type of tanker is shown. The leaflet is shown slightly larger than actual size.

The front, back & inside flap of the much more common second version of the leaflet, The models were numbered and more pieces were shown.

The inner faces of the second type leaflet. The leaflet is shown slightly larger than actual size.


Enlargements of the instruction sheets that came with the trees and buffers. These are shown at 2X times actual size.