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Lone Star Locos, Treble-O-Lectric & Treble-O-Trains

Number 17 was the "Shell Tank Wagon" which was painted yellow with a red "Shell" stenciled in on to the sides and like the other tankers can be found with either a dark bronze-brown or black chassis, The tankers added a much needed splash of colour to what had been for the best part a rather dull range of liveries & colours used so far. This one has also been seen with a black tanker body with white "Shell" to the sides but I believe this was for the Treble-0-lectric range.

Number 18 was the "Short Wheel Base Covered Wagon" that can be found painted in mid grey or a darkish brown, Both have black trim to the planking detail. The chassis has a what can only be called a bronze-brown 'wash' as the excessively thinned paint barely covers the metal. These were sold two in a box.

Number 19 was the "B. R. Main Line Passenger Coach" which was painted crimson with a silver roof, Unusually my example does not have "lone Star Locos" cast in to the underneath which all of the other trains and track have but as it is my only example I dont know if they were all made like this, I believe the coach was later re-coloured to green.


Number 20 to 24 are in the track & buildings section, Number 25 was a simple "Flat truck" which was painted a dark bronze-brown. This one realy needed to have a load attached such as a pair of cable drums or some oil barrels to complete it but it was sold three to a box which leaves you with plenty of loads to dream up with your own imagination.

Number 26 was the "American Coach" which was painted silver with red stripes to the sides to match the number 12 "American Transcontinental Diesel". Number 27 to 33 can be found in the "track & buildings" page, Numbers 34 to 49 were not used and numbers 50 to 64 were mixed packs of models already issued.

Number 65 was the "100 Ton Crane" which had an articulated hook, It had a wire that was attached to a lever hidden inside the cab which could lift the boom and a ratchet built in to the cab roof would hold it in the raised position, It can be found painted with either a yellow or red crane with the flat car body painted grey and both types of coupling were used.

Number 66 was the US "Transcontinental Diesel Engine" which was very similar to the number 12 of the same name but was actually a completely new casting even though it was made to the exact same size as the earlier model, The earliest examples also used the bogies from the number 12 but this was changed when the powered models were fitted with plastic bogies, Until this time all of the models in the range had been made from die cast metal, The model was also recoloured to green with the B. R. "intercity" arrows.


Number 67 was the "Transcontinental Coach" as released as number 26 but with the addition of a plastic window unit and the bogies converted to the treble-o-lectric style couplings, The colour scheme was also revised to yellow with black bogies or black body with orange and silver stripes and silver bogies. This model was also available with a raised "vista" type roof.

Number 68 was the long wheelbase "Flat Truck" which is usually painted grey, This one was also available with a range of motor vehicle loads such as an orange and green Bedford articulated lorry or a combination of Land Rovers or Citroen DS19's in a wide variety of colours. The Bedford, Land Rover and Citroen were also available in a boxed set that included a single deck Bus and a Fire Engine which were later re-released in a "Gulliver County" boxed set. The boxed sets are quite scarce and fetch quite a high price when compared to the rest of the series.

Number 69 was the "Transcontinental Tanker" which can be found painted with a silver tanker with a black chassis & walkway which may or may not have "Texaco" painted to the sides or with a blue tanker with a silver chassis and walkway which may or may not have "Mobilgas" painted on the sides, It can have either type of coupling fitted.

Number 70 was the "Transcontinental Caboose" which was a typical North American brake or guards van, It had twin bogies and open platforms at both ends, The roof had a raised obsevation post, It appeared in several liveries and was the last but one piece to join the series.


Number 71 was the "Transcontinental Goods Wagon" or boxcar as it is more commonly known, This one appeared in a number of colours and liveries and I believe it was the final numbered piece in the series

A British locomotive from the Treble-O-lectric range, I dont know what the model number or model name is for this one but it was most likely to have only been available in Treble-O-lectric train sets.