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Full size 1-75's

There have recently been postings on the Lesney Collectors Forum concerning the Unimog, Snow trac and the Mercury Commuter, not the Lesney toys but the real Vehicles, This got me thinking, How many of these full size1-75's can still be seen on the road today. Or more to the point, how many can be seen on the roads of Hackney,

All of the following photo's were taken on or after 1st July 2000 and within 3 miles of the Lesney factory. All the Vehicles were once in the regular wheel 1-75 range, Some vehicles have not been included. I'm sure you don't need to see a photo of a VW Beetle to know what one looks like, Likewise the Land Rover, Mercedes, Rolls Royce and the London Bus. All are seen daily on the roads of Hackney.

I was very fortunate in my search as "Carters Steam Funfair" recently came to Hackney with their fleet of about 20 Vintage Lorries, mostly Scammells with a few Fodens and AEC's, It was a great opportunity to see some beautiful old lorries that are still in daily use, the newest Vehicle was 30 years old and the oldest was a 1932 Ford AA Truck.

What's an AEC ? I hear you say. It stands for "Associated Equipment Company", wow what a catchy name. Thats enough waffle, the photo's should have downloaded by now...... enjoy..............

One of Mr Carters Scammells, On the base of the toy the name is misspelt as "Scammel"

Another of Carters Scammells, this one's a Mountaineer (I Think)

A Beautiful old Truck, This was known as the "Mickey Mouse" Foden.

The Bedford "CA", also issued as the 25a Dunlop van and the 29a milk float.

The Dodge version of the awful Commer van.

This rare old Ford Thames Trader has not moved for some time, The Thames also made an appearance as a Major pack, the M-7 Jennings cattle truck.

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