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Lesney Matchbox Kingsize

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Lesney Matchbox King-Size
Pre 1971 King-Size model variation and price guide

Welcome to our new Lesney Matchbox King-Size section that covers the regular wheeled models made before 1971. Thanks to Vectis for the use of their past auctions catalog database. As always it is an ongoing project. If you can help us with information on casting variations or anything else please come over to our forum and check out the King-Size board.

K-1-a Weatherill Hydraulic Excavator
K-1-b Hoveringham Tipper Truck
K-1-c O & K Excavator
K-2-a Muir Hill Site Dumper
K-2-b KW Dump Truck
K-2-c Scammell Heavy Wreck Truck
K-3-a Caterpillar Bulldozer
K-3-b Hatra Tractor Shovel
K-3-c Massey Ferguson Tractor & Trailer
K-4-a International Tractor
K-4-b GMC Tractor & Fruehauf Hopper Train
K-4-c Leyland Tipper
K-5-a Foden Tipper Truck
K-5-b Racing Car Transporter
K-5-c Muir Hill Tractor & Trailer
K-6-a Allis Chalmers Earth Scraper
K-6-b Mercedes Benz 'Binz' Ambulance
K-7-a Curtiss Wright rear Dumper
K-7-b S&D Refuse Truck
K-8-a Scammell, Low Loader with Caterpillar D-9 Tractor
K-8-b Guy Warrior Car Transporter

K-8-c Caterpillar Traxcavator
K-9-a Aveling & Barford Diesel Road Roller
K-9-b Claas Combine Harvester
K-10-a Aveling & Barford Tractor Shovel
K-10-b Scammell Contractor Pipe Truck
K-11-a Fordson Tractor & Farm Trailer
K-11-b DAF Car Transporter
K-12-a Foden Heavy Breakdown Wreck Truck
K-12-b Scammell Crane Truck
K-13-a Foden Ready Mix Concrete Truck
K-14-a Taylor Jumbo Crane
K-15-b Merryweather Fire Engine
K-16-a Dodge Tractor Unit with Twin Tipping Trailers
K-17-a Ford D800 with Low Loader and Case Bulldozer
K-18-a Dodge Kew Fargo Articulated Horse Transporter
K-19-a Scammell Tipper Truck
K-20-a Ford D800 Articulated Tractor Transporter
K-21-a Mercury Cougar
K-22-a Dodge Charger
K-23-a Mercury Commuter Police Car
K-24-a Lamborghini Miura

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