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Benbros "TV Series" and "Mighty Midgets"

"Benbros" was founded by Jack and Nathan Beneson who were based at Walthamstow in East London. In 1954 they introduced the "TV Series" range of 50 miniature toys. These were made to an even smaller scale than the contemporary Lesney products and although the models were not as accurate or constructed to the standards Lesney were setting, the models were charming pieces and the range covered a very broad spectrum of vehicle types. The toys were packaged in a box made to look like a 1950's upright TV set. In the late 50's the name of the range was changed to "Mighty Midgets" and the box was changed to a more conventional type "Mighty Midgets" box. Benbros toys are highly collectible but very hard to find.

The models were not very accurate but they had a great deal of play value which made them much more attractive to children when compared with Morestones Esso series. Although the army vehicles were always painted military green and the AA vehicles were always yellow the rest of the range can be found in many different colours so I have not attempted a varation guide. Robert Newson has printed a Guide to Benbros which has had several updates since it's first printing and I suspect there are many more unknown variations waiting to be added.

Very few of the toys were enhanced with decals or labels and hand applied trim was confined to silver trim where it was needed and flesh tones to the figures which sometimes came with the model. Benbros also made a range of lead figures which ranged from Robin Hood and his mery men to farmworkers and animals and although Lead was being used as well as Mazac metal fatigue due to lead contamination of the mazac is not a great problem with these models but they should nevertheless be handled with care so not to repeat my own experience of having my thumb go straight through the baseplate of an otherwise mint and unplayed with model.
This guide covers just the TV series and the Mighty Midgets, The large scale Benbros will be included at a later date.


Benbros Coronation Coach shown actual size, often confused with the Lesney version, the Benbros Coach has EllR cast on to the doors. The Lesney Coach has no inscription on the doors. Benbros also made the Horses for the Lesney large Coronation Coach. This was because the Horses were made from Lead and Lesney would not allow Lead to be brought into the Lesney foundry through fear of contaminating their stock of Zinc.


The boxes, Center is the "TV" series box which was designed to look like a 1950's upright TV set, In the late 1950's they were replaced by the red and yellow "Mighty Midgets" box, On the left is the Qualitoys number 6 "Milk cart and Horse" box which was only used for this model.

The larger scale Benbros Cinderella Coach which was of all die cast metal construction, It is amazing that such a delicate toy would survive for all these years.


Benbros "T.V. Series" and "Mighty Midgets"
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