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Benbros "TV Series" and "Mighty Midgets" 29-32

Number 29 was the RAC (Royal Automoble Club) Motorcycle, Sidecar and Patrolman which was a re-issue of the number 3 AA motorcycle with a new sidecar which had an RAC badge cast in on the front, The sidecar also had an opening toolbox lid and although it had the holes to mount a carrier to the lid the carrier was not fitted to this model, It had three dics wheels with a spoked pattern to the surface, The motorcycle was painted black and the sidecar, windscreen frame and the rider were painted blue, The rider also had a flesh coloured face, This one is rarer than the AA version.

Value approximately 50-70


Number 30 was the Army Wagon which was simply a re-issue of the number 23 AEC box van which was painted military green all over, Being a military vehicle it was not usually silver trimmed which made for a rather plain model although trimmed versions have been seen, The wheels were sometimes fitted before it was painted so can also be military green in colour but again models with unpainted metal wheels have been seen. Later issues were updated with the cab from the S type Bedford.

Value approximately 30-40
with Bedford cab 40-50

Number 31 was the AEC Covered Truck which was another re-issue of the number 23 cab and chassis with a new casting of the box body which now had a tailboard and planking to the sides with a canvas roof which made it a more realistic looking toy. An extra roof support strut was cast into the center of the body. My example has red paint with silver trim to the grille and headlights and unpainted metal wheels and no doubt models other colour schemes exist, It was later updated with the fitting of a Bedford S type cab. This one is not so easy to find.

Value approximately 35-45
with Bedford cab 45-55


Number 32 was the AEC Compressor Lorry which was yet another 23 AEC cab and chassis but this one was fitted with an air compressor unit. I have not seen this one in any colour except for yellow which is normal for road repair vehicles like this. The wheels are usually unpainted metal and for silver trim they went to town on this one by trimming the headlights, grille, fuel tank, 2 control panels and the grille on the compressor. This one was also updated when a Bedford S type cab was fitted.

Value approximately 30-40
with Bedford cab 50-60

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