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Enfield Pageant of Motoring 2013

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 photo DSC04355_zps5572c5fc.jpg
A beautiful old "Mickey Mouse" Foden

 photo DSC04358_zpsd36751b0.jpg
A Ford F100 pick-up truck that has been lowered to the max

 photo DSC04359_zps0ced6877.jpg
A Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible

 photo DSC04360_zps32f5183c.jpg
Not sure what the white car is, It sits next to a Plymouth

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 photo DSC04362_zps2718504c.jpg
A Lincoln Flower car

 photo DSC04363_zps0be60052.jpg
This Dodge must be the ultimate in bonnet decoration

 photo DSC04356_zps9638613a.jpg
There were none too many steamers at this years Pageant

 photo DSC04364_zpsf8a48f05.jpg
What car show would be complete without a 57 Chevy

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 photo DSC04365_zpse3ac6066.jpg
And a 1958(?) Chevrolet Convertible

 photo DSC04366_zpse86bbeaf.jpg
A line up of American classics