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Display units

At the moment we have just this one piece, I am not sure of the exact age of this one but a nearly identical piece is shown on the front of the Matchbox 40 year book, this one differs slightly in that it has the price of 2/4 printed on it which was two shillings and four pence (12p). The price of 2/4 would date it to around 1969 but the vehicles shown on the header would date the design to the early 60's so it was probably kept in production for several years. This one was actually made by Lesney, the majority of the few surviving display units were made by the Bronner Corp in the U.S.

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Above, from the collection of my good friend Gary Galvin.

Above, also from the collection of Gary Galvin.

A toyshop selector chart that was made in May 1967, Click here for an A4 size
image suitable for printing.

The reverse shows the Giftsets, Kingsize and Models of Yesteryear ranges,
Click here for an A4 size image