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Some Pre Production Models

These were experimental pieces made for evaluation purposes. They are very collectable

Left, a prototype of the 8e Ford Mustang. Right, the regular coloured versions. Apart from the different colour paint the prototype has white interior instead of red, black plastic wheels instead of black plastic tyres on metal wheels and it has no patent number on the base. It is probably unique. circa 1966.

Left, A pre production model of the 69c Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. Right the regular production model. An almost identical one was featured in the book "Matchbox diecast toys, the first forty years." It is also in yellow with ivory interior but with a light grey roof. A third version is pictured in the International 1970 Matchbox catalogue [it's not in the USA version] but this one has a dark grey roof. circa 1969

Left, A pre production K.22 Dodge Charger. Right the regular model. Apart from the orange interior it is identical to the regular production model. circa 1968. At least one other example exists.