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Below is a survey of Lesney products dating from January 1966, My copy is actually a 1960's "Gevaert" photostat copy of the original handwritten copy.

The survey was originally undertaken by a branch of the local Government but it is not known by what department. It could possibly be the town planning.

I have marked some areas for comment like this (*3) and have added some comments at the bottom of the page.

The rest of the document is as was originally written

The Document

Survey of Lesney Products 10th January 1966

Lesney Products are a relatively new firm, which has been in business approx 13 years; the firm began as a small two-man business manufacturing Coronation Coaches and has since expanded into Factories in Eastway and (*1) Lee Conservancy Road and in Wallis Road. The firm manufacture “Matchbox” model vehicles and also a limited amount of Zinc Alloy components for the motor trade proper.

Processes at present as follows;-

(1) Eastway Zinc Alloy Company , Lea Conservancy Road

Raw Materials- Zinc (94%) arrives by Canal.

                           Aluminium (5%)

                         Magnesium (<1%)

Process involves heating and mixing the metals in a large twin furnace (Gas fired) and pouring into moulds. Moulds then stacked to cool before distribution.

The firm works a 24-hour day and wishes to expand into larger premises, which will provide much needed additional storage space.

At present 98% approx of the firms products are sold to Lesney Products. It is however hoped to expand production so that approx 50% will be sold to Lesney and 50% to other firms, particularly motor vehicle component manufacturers proper.


(2) Lesney Products, Eastway Factory

This building contains the drawing office and design team which design new moulds and the highly skilled process of actually manufacturing the moulds.

All zinc alloy components are moulded in these premises by a process known as die-casting. Liquid metal is injected into the mould where it sets almost immediately and the cast component is then ejected.

The moulded components are then “rumbled” (*2) (turned in drums to remove waste attachments) sorted and prepared for paint spraying.

All zinc and (*3) plastic components then painted prior to their despatch to Lee Conservancy Road for assembly.


(3) Lesney Products, Lee Conservancy Road Factory.

This building contains the main office unit and sales department.

All plastic components are moulded on the first floor and then despatched to Eastway for painting.

The top (2nd) floor contains the main assembly lines which assemble the finished model vehicles from completed components received from Eastway.

Products are then boxed, packed and despatched to customers.

Survey of Lesney(s) products

Lesney Products Raw Materials

1/ Zinc Alloy- Received from Eastways Zinc Alloy Co.s adjoining factory in Lee Conservancy Road.

2/ Plastic- Received from London suppliers by road.

3/ Paint- as for plastic.

4/ Cartons- Received from Bowaters (Lambeth) by road.


G.L.C. Area- 9% road transport (*4)

G.B. 11% road transport

Exports (London Docks) 80% road transport to Docks

General Observations

1/ Traffic- there is a colossal to-and-fro traffic between Lee Conservancy road and Eastway,

2/ Car parking- Total staff of 3,639, large car parking problem over spilling onto Eastway. Provision will need to be made for off street parking in any new development.

60% staff are full-time & part-time Women.

end of document

(*1)- The spelling can be Lee or Lea, the area is known as the Lee or Lea Valley.

(*2)- This is more commonly known as "tumbled"

(*3)- as we all know, plastic components were not painted, it is probable that the writer meant plated

(*4)- GLC- Greater London Council- Greater London