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The latest update to the site is consists in a few corrections, mainly adjustments to B and C boxes for Regular Wheels, as some variation were deleted, due to the fact that in reality, what was considered distinct variations are in fact the same box with a slightly different front (or back!).

Also, the RW 13D Ebox showing the model with yellow cab and “New Model” on the end flaps was deleted as it was an error.

In A Box for RW, the second variation or 3A has also been retired as it is not clear if this is indeed a true variation or a misprint.

Finally, a correction for AP A4, as B2 and B3 boxes have a black top and blue bottom, instead of yellow outlined black rectangle and blue ends on both.


In this update :


Adjustments to RW B Box pages:


-28A-B2-3a has been retired, as 28A-B2-2a has one side slightly different from the other.

-34A-B4-5a and 34A-B5-5b have been retired, as they are both the other side of 34A-B4-4a and 34A-B5-4a

-43A-B4-4a and 43A-B5-4b have been retired, as they are both the other side of 43A-B4-2a and 43A-B5-2b

-50A-B2-2a and 50A-B3-2b have been retired, as they were duplicates from the other B Box for 50A (50A-B2-1a and 50A-B3-1b)

-58A: a complete reorganization of this model was done. Please be careful as the variation numbers have all changed. This was required since there was some confusion for that one!

-60A: an error was fixes, 60A-B4-2c has been renamed 60A-B5-2c

-62A-B5-5a has been retired, as this was the other side of 62A-B5-3a


Adjustments to RW C Box pages:


-34A-C-2a has been retired, as this was the other side of 34A-C-1a


Adjustments to RW E Box pages:


-13D variations have been renamed, as the original 13D-E2-2a was a mistake: there is no yellow cab variation with “New model”. Thanks to Ali Sarkarati for spotting this one!


Adjustments to AP B Box pages:


-Adjustments to A4 boxes as there was an error regarding tops/bottom. Thanks to “Idris” from the Vintage British Diecast Forum for pointing out this mistake.









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