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Charbens Miniatures Series or "Old Crocks" 17-20

At number 17 came the 1912 Rover two seater, This model was a one piece casting which included the mudguards and running boards as part of the casting, It has a seperate die cast steering wheel which was fitted before the model was painted so it is ususlly in body colour which could be orange or red.

The mudguards and running boads were trimmed in black and the grille and steering wheel were trimmed in gold, The seats were trimmed in yellow as was the cast in spare wheel which was over where the drivers door would be. The wheels were yellow painted die cast metal on the early issues and yellow plastic on the later ones.

Value approximately 10-15


Number 18 was the 1911 Mercedes Benz which was again a one piece casting which included the mudguards as part of the casting, The model also had a seperate steering wheel fitted which can be found unpainted or in the body colour which was green, The seats can be picked out in orange or red and gold trim was applied to the grille and steering wheel.

Early issues had yellow painted die cast metal wheels and the later ones had yellow plastic wheels, This one is not so common as most other models.

Value approximately 15-20

At number 19 was the Bedford Horsebox which was made to a smaller scale than the rest of the range and although described as being a 1927 model appears to be more 1950's style.

It was a two piece casting consisting of the bodywork and a seperate baseplate which were always painted brown with gold trim to the radiator grille. The wheels were tiny and much smaller than anything else in the range. The sides had the words "Horse Transport" embossed and the rear door had "H.G.Ivory" on it. It was however a super little model and one of Charbens best to date. It was only just slightly smaller than it's Moko Lesney contemporaries so that could be the reason for Charbens change of direction from the "poor man's Yesteryears" being replaced by something akin to a 1-75.

Value approximately 15-20


Number 20 was the 1910 Lanchester, It was a one piece casting incorporating the mudguards and running boards with a seperately cast steering wheel, The body was painted light blue with black trim to the folded roof, mudguards and running boards, The seats were trimmed with yellow paint and the model can be found with or without gold trim to the grille and steering wheel.

Only plastic wheels are known on this model and usually they are yellow but red has also been seen. Value approximately 10-15

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