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Charbens Miniatures Series or "Old Crocks" 13-16

The 1900 Straker steam lorry was number 13 in the series. It was a one piece casting that did not have headlights or steering wheel, It usually has a flat load bed with planking cast in, It was painted light green with black trim to the flywheel & driving wheel, drivers seat, chimney and water tanks and it came with a large packing case which was painted light brown, A later issue was painted light blue with black trim to the boiler and drivers seat, This one had the planking removed from the load bed and low sides added, The load was three barrels cast in one piece which were painted red.

Both versions had gold trim to the front of the firebox and had flat disc wheels which can be unpainted bare metal or be painted black. This one is much less common than most of the models in the range.

Value approximately 15-20


Number 14 was Charbens first non road going vehicle the railway engine "Stephensons Rocket" which was a one piece casting, It was always painted yellow with black trim to the chimney, Firebox door and to the pistons,

Spoked railway type metal wheels were fitted which were painted black, A matching tender was issued as number 15.

Value approximately 10-15

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Number 15 was the matching tender for the previous model of the "Stephensons Rocket" railway engine. Like the engine the tender was always painted bright yellow with black trim to the coal load and to the filler on the barrel water tank, The water tank barrel itself was painted red.

Black painted metal railway type wheels were fitted and a hook was cast it to allow it to be attached to the engine. Value approximately 8-12.


The 1909 Albion was number 16. Early versions were a one piece casting with a seperate steering wheel fitted, Later issues had the steering wheel deleted and the mounting hole filled in, The early issues were dark blue and the later ones light blue which can be found with or without black trim to the wings & mudguards, Early issues also had gold trim to the steering wheel and grille. The seats can be trimmed in light blue or red or be left in body colour.

The wheels were yellow metal on the early issues and smaller yellow plastic on the later ones. The final issue in light blue has no additional paint trim applied.

Value approximately 10-15

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