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Husky / Corgi Juniors 26a Sunbam Alpine by Mettoy

Husky / Corgi Juniors by Mettoy
#26a Sunbeam Alpine


Corgi issued their model of the 1964 Sunbeam Alpine series III in 1966. It featured a detachable transparent dark blue tinted roof, clear glazing over yellow plastic seats and a chrome plated plastic baseplate with simple suspension. The mazac body was painted metallic copper and all were fitted with 9x2mm solid dark grey plastic wheels.

In 1968 the Sunbeam was recoloured crimson,which may or may not have been a choice influenced by the hugely popular Mel Brooks TV comedy ““Get Smart““ which featured a red example in the credits and some episodes.
In 1969 11x2mm black plastic tyres dished on one side for a plated inserted hubcap improved the looks of the final production run of these cars. These chrome hubcap cars are the only really difficult to find issue with most known to have been packed in Giftsets or export blisterpacks. All versions were packed in the standard red over white blisterpack designed for sale in Woolworths stores although the final few months of Husky production were packaged in the short lived yellow blisterpacks - if any hubcap Sunbeams were sold in yellow blisterpacks photographic proof is still needed.

This is a very fragile toy, the roof is easily lost and very little pressure can break the glazing and collapse the suspension - not forgetting that chrome can blister off of the plastic baseplate if the toy gets heated by sunshine. So while well over a million were made with no obvious casting or paint shade variations, the vast majority of survivors are in poor condition and mint sealed in the blisterpack example fetch good prices, particularly the crimson examples with hubcaps.


Above: A selection of the various body colours and wheel types

Above: The first issue was in metallic copper with yellow interior, a blue
roof and grey plastic wheels, This version is by far the easiest to find


Above: The Sunbeam was recoloured to crimson with black
plastic wheels that did not have hubcaps, It is quite hard to find

Above: The crimson Sunbeam final issue with
hubcaps fitted to the black plastic wheels is quite rare

Above: The chrome plated plastic baseplate fitted with the early grey plastic wheels
(top) and the later black plastic wheels (lower) had no significant altererations

Above: In a UK issue blister pack

Above: The Sunbeam was also part of the Hoyner Car Transporter giftset #3003

Above: The Sunbeam with '39c'
printed on its USA issue blister pack .

Above: The red Alpine in a yellow blister pack, very hard to find.

Above: The rear of the yellow blisterpack


code number
body colour
roof colour
interior colour
base colour
code 1
metallic copper
grey plastic
code 2
black plastic
code 3
black plastic & silver hubcap

Values based on Vectis + ebay actual selling prices.
prices for mint models in blister pack, the value for uncarded models is approximately 1/3
metallic bronze, blue roof. grey wheels - £30
crimson, blue roof, black wheels - £50
crimson, blue roof, black wheels + silver hubcaps - £60