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Husky / Corgi Juniors 22a (Citroen Safari) Military Ambulance by Mettoy

Husky / Corgi Juniors by Mettoy
#22a (Citroen Safari) Military Ambulance

In 1965 Corgi chose to make a military ambulance version of their #6a Citroen Safari ambulance as the new Husky #22.
It was identical to the #6 civilian ambulance in every way except for its colour, satin dark olive green.
It was always packaged in the standard red on white generic blisterpack and deleted from the range once stocks sold out early in 1968.


Above: Mettoy certainly got plenty of
mileage from the Citroen Safari casting.

Above: The decals were the same as those used
on the 6a Citroen Safari civillian ambulance.


code number
body colour
windows colour
base type
code 1
dark olive green
blue / clear
red & white "red cross"
chrome plastic husky
9x2mm grey plastic

Values based on Vectis + ebay actual selling prices.
prices for mint models in blister pack, the value for uncarded models is approximately 1/3
dark olive green, red cross decal, gpw - 25-35