Prototype YS-43 Busch Self Propelled Fire Engine

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Prototype YS-43 Busch Self Propelled Fire Engine

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This is an original “MATCHBOX” Pre-Production Models of Yesteryear YS-43 1905 Busch Self Propelled Fire Engine. Another prototype from the consignment collection we took in. This model is hand-made and probably was created early during the design process.

The differences between the pre-production prototype and the standard production model are described below. There are pictures that show the production models with the pre-production model for comparison. I included pictures of the YS-43 production model with the firemen attached, as well as a group picture that includes the later Collectibles release numbered YSFE-03 that does not have firemen figures included

The following are the differences between the Pre-Production prototype and the standard Production version:
1. Prototype is much heavier than production version. Probably due to components being made of white metal instead of plastic or die-cast zinc.
2. Components are hand painted and many are glued on instead of riveted.
3. Wheels do not rotate. They are mounted in static position.
4. Front axle is made of wood.
5. Firemen are sculpted to be chunkier, heavier, and have facial expressions that are “angrier” and “more determined”.
6. Wheel hubs are hand painted gold on prototype.
7. Prototype model sits higher than production version.
8. Lettering are decals, not tampo print.
9. Details are hand painted.
10. Steam engine and connection hoses are hand painted copper, not gold.
11. Steam engine stack is higher on prototype.
12. Many attachments are different.
13. Baseplate is screwed on.
14. No text cast on baseplate
15. Many metal and plastic components were hand-formed to fit this model.

Did I miss anything ?