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Condon Dumper

In 1949 Don Rix, Lesney's toolmaker left to start his own Die Casting business with his partner Frank Constable. They called the company " Condon products Ltd" and they made a model of the Muir Hill site Dumper. The licence plate read CP1949.
They also made a small model of a mine or hopper train which consisted of a small engine and three hopper wagons.
Due to the Korean war there were restrictions on the use of Zinc for non essential products so very few were made and the company folded soon after.
These dumpers are rarely found complete as the driver came loose and the hopper broke off easily. This one is unusual as the hopper is green, they were usually red. It measures 85mm (3 1/4") long and 55mm (2 1/4") high.
The mold was bought by Lesney with the intention of it being the fifth model in the Early Lesney toys range after the Road Roller and the Mixer but none were ever made.
In 1953 the model was scaled down to become the number 2a site dunper in the 1-75 Series.


photo courtesy Mark Soule